CNC Engraved Cribbage Table

The History of Cribbage

CNC Engraved Cribbage Table is our topic today. Cribbage is one of the oldest games in history. It dates back hundreds of years. First called Noddy, cribbage has gained popularity over the years. Cribbage was invented in the 1600’s by an English poet, gambler and gamester. Sir John Suckling modified the rules of noddy to what became cribbage today.

Sir John, a wealthy man that inherited a fortune at the age of 18. He’s regarded as one of the foremost card players for his time. In 1630 Sir John Suckling was knighted by the King of England. He shamed his title several years later.  In 1641 Sir John was involved in a plot to save a jailed friend. The plan failed and Sir John fled England to take his life a year later at the age of 33. The game of cribbage is Sir John Sucklings legacy.

CNC Engraved Cribbage Table

CNC Engraved Cribbage Table is a project that’s simple to fabricate. With 2, 3, or 4 players cribbage gives hours of fun. Boards or tables come in all shapes and sizes. Personalize as you see fit. Add a scene or name to personalize it. The options are limitless when designing. For this project I’ll be doing a raw foraged leg cribbage table. The table will have 3 legs and a lower shelf for storage. The cribbage board is round and will have a continuous track. A scene is provided for a center focal point.

Cribbage Board types

So, how many different cribbage boards are there anyways ? Is one better than the other ? Does the game require a lot to play ? Just what do I need ? All straight forward questions.  You’ll find more ideas than you thought possible. Shapes, sizes and colors is only the start.

Continuous Track

photo by Andrew Hyde

One of the most popular cribbage boards is the continuous track. The game board is exactly as it sounds. These boards are larger and are great for personalizing. These are an engraver’s dream in my opinion. So much detail is capable. Inlay the centers, personalize and add lots of detail. Add your skunk & double skunk.

Flat Boards

photo by Elle Kirshner

This is a very simple but functional cribbage board. Continuous tracks or 60 hole tracks being the norm for this style of cribbage board. Players from 2-4 and a small engraving is possible. These are budget friendly but serve a purpose.

Hinged Boards

Hinged cribbage boards are similar to flat but usually have storage in them. A hollow interior gives way to storing pegs and cards. Small engravings are possible as well as personalization. These boards are great for individuals who want a full size board and carry game pieces. Larger than a travel board but everything is in one place.

Travel board

photo by Geoffrey Franklin

A very simple by design but functional cribbage board. These boards are small as the term applies but function like their counterparts. Everything needed to play is in a convenient carry case. Not suitable for engraving large items on but versatile for anyone on the go. The game of cribbage has been around longer than any of us. There’s more ideas for cribbage boards then there is cribbage players.



photo by Ruth Hartnup

CNC Engraved Cribbage Table is why we’re here. These game boards are now functional pieces of home furnishings. Design a new coffee table and put a track into it. A piece this size will easily take an engraving. Perhaps you want to make an end table with a continuous track around it. The idea of a cribbage table is no different than a board but with legs. Due to their size, engravers can create works of art. Whole scene construction is done by using a continuous track. Run the track on the outer edges and place your engraving in the center of the piece.


Cribbage Table designs

Your cribbage table design comes down to what you want for an engraving. do I create a complete scene ? Do I look at just a single object that I relate to ? A hobby or pastime ? The possibilities are endless. Since I live in the upper northeast of the United states I’ll opt for an animal that native to my area. Perhaps this tables going into your camp or cabin. Sports enthusiast ? Outdoor enthusiast ? Design it however you want. Here’s a website full of free use imagery that you can put into your design.


CNC Engraved Cribbage Table materials are numerous. What do I use though ? Do I use hardwood or softwood ? Perhaps a composite and fabricate an all weather game table to leave outside on the deck. Make use of reclaimed materials and create something beautiful. I’ll be using foraged materials for my legs and hardwood for my game board and lower shelf. There will be a total of 3 legs, all matching material. The legs are slotted to accommodate the cribbage board and shelf. No casters or hardware, just a nice rustic piece of furniture that has form and function.


photo by Gord Webster

If the game of cribbage is a favorite of yours then why not build a board or table ? Cribbage gives hours of fun, teaches mathematical skills, can entertain up to 4 people. All you need is a board, cards and pegs, so what are you waiting for ? When the stormy weather sets in grab your favorite hot beverage and play a few hands. Nice thing is you don’t need power to play this wonderful game. light the lamps or candles, grab your partner and have at it.

Thank you for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The woods

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