CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table

Why Log Furniture ?

CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table is our topic today. So why go with log furniture ? Will it fit my lifestyle ? Is it expensive in relation to other furnishings ? Log furniture will last for years with minimal care. Your lifestyle and preferences are as unique as yourself. This style furnishing wouldn’t look right in a modern style house but rustic, that’s a different story.


All log style furniture ranges from a mere couple hundred dollars to the thousands. Each piece being unique and not matching the next is what makes it appealing. Materials and species are mixed and matched to create truly one-of-a-kind designs. The care and finishing of log furniture is no different than other wood furnishings. Leave it natural, stain it, seal it, paint it , polyurethane it, the choice is yours.

CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table

CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table this project I’ll be using purchased kiln dried stock. Utilizing foraged materials creates spectacular pieces. The foraged materials have to dry first before use. I don’t personally have the time to wait so this is why I’m using already dried materials. Everythings purchased locally, this will help support another small business. We’ll discuss the steps necessary to use foraged stock later in the article.

Design & Layout

CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table design and layout is up to you. I’ve deciding to go with a round or oval kitchen table. When designing your table look at the space in your kitchen, seating capacity needed and what you personally want. Do you want hardwood or softwood ? Keep it natural or give it color ? Do you want to build it modular with a leaf in the middle ? What kind of an engraving will I go with ? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Now this is the part I enjoy the most, this is why we fabricate. Custom sizes mean it will fit perfectly in the home. Materials that are more favorable to me or my client. Getting the results I want because I did design it to meet my specifications. The out of pocket expense is now minimal. You’re cutting out the middleman.


cedar-forestFor this kitchen table project I’ll be using cedar for my legs and softwood for my tabletop. The kitchen table top will be pine or douglas fir. I’ll hand select my boards and look for unique characteristics in the material itself. Knots placed just right, heartwood or spalting, cracks or other abnormalities that give character to the piece. It’s your design, go as crazy as you want !

Engraving Idea’s

CNC Engraved Log Kitchen Table is what we’re after. Yes a carpenter can build a beautiful kitchen table no doubt. We as engravers and fabricators can build an even better one with the use of our equipment. The same piece will become unique from the engraving chosen. I live in a region of the country that has lots of big game animals. Moose, Black bear and deer to name a few.


My home is rustic in nature and the furnishings are the same. The kitchen table I fabricate will work for my situation but plan your build and design around what you need. I’ll want some mountains, a cabin and of course my animal. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll choose a design and walk you all through the steps to design your own custom engraving.

Foraged Stock

woodKiln dried material that’s purchased started out in the woods. Foraged logs need more preparation work before they can be used. This will open up many more different design ideas. Crooked, twisted, bent, bowed, cracked, split, and warped aren’t good in the building industry. When these attributes are used in log furniture fabrication it creates beautiful pieces. Add an engraving to complement your masterpiece, it’s one-of-a-kind.

Foraged Stock Preparation

draw-knifePreparation for logs you forage require a bit more work then kiln dried stock you purchase. Do you want bark left on or stripped off of your material ? The logs are shave with a draw knife to remove the bark. Not difficult to use but time consuming and adds one more step to your project. The draw knife will set you back less than fifty dollars. If you’re foraging your own logs then this is a necessary tool.

anchorsealThe second item I would recommend is a high quality wood/log sealer. Anchor-seal 2 is a high quality end sealer that provides protection to prevent end checking in freshly sawn green logs and lumber. I like Anchor-seal 2 because it was formulated mainly for North American hardwoods. This product is made from renewable natural components and has less petroleum-based material in it. AS2 seals the ends of logs and lumber to protect against end checking and costly degrade, during the air-drying process. Anchor-Seal 2 will ultimately reduce split ends (Checking Process),conserve product, reduce staining (spalting), and is environmentally friendly to use.


Log Furniture Fabrication Tools

toolsAlthough you don’t need a pile of tools for log furniture fabrication there are some you can’t be without. Now some you will already have but others will have to be purchased for your new endeavor to transpire. Below is a list for you to have a clearer understanding of what’s needed.

  • Draw knife
  • Tenons (Glorified pencil sharpener)
  • Saw (Hand or Electric)
  • Drill
  • Chainsaw
  • Tape Measure
  • Hole boring drill bit (matched to tenon)
  • Hammers (Rubber mallet,dead blow,carpenter’s)
  • Chisels
  • Fasteners
  • Ratchet strap

Tool Substitutions

To help keep cost down we’ll discuss alternative ideas on how to make tenons without a tenon tool. This process now takes longer but the results are good. Large boring bits are replaced with spade bits to conserve money. I’ll keep it simple step by step and give you a complete walkthrough.

Next Week………

For next week’s Sunday Evening Blog we’ll discuss the creation of our kitchen tables engraving. I’ll discuss the project’s specifications that I’m designing. What you’re shown is applicable to other table designs of your choosing. See you next week.

Thank you for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The Woods

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