CNC Engraved Scene Tutorial

CNC Engraved Scene Design

In this cnc engraved scene tutorial I will walk you through the steps to design and build your own large scale scene. This will be done with models that I have provided for you, that are fully programmed and ready for use. The scene we will build together is a mountain range with trees and animals which I’ve included for download as well.

Why put together and program your own large scale scene for your shop regardless of what it is? Well that’s easy, it will add to your programming skills as well as your services offered. Engraving plaques & signs is a great start but eventually you’ll want to expand products and services. The more you know and can do will help your survival in the business world.

Large Scale Scene Applications

For The Little Little Woodshop our possibilities are endless from bar tops, custom headboards, wainscoting to large sign making. Do not limit yourself to what can be done but wrap a way around ideas to make an income at it. The only limitations you might have is based on the size of the equipment your using and/or your own imagination. Scene’s can be purchased at a price but why not learn to build your own to save you money.

Clip-art, Images & Resources

All of your imagery you use comes about in three ways, purchased, self draw, free use. Purchasing is the easiest but of course will involve your hard earned dollar. There’s more designs and formats then you can shake a stick at but ultimately still costing you money.

Hand drawn pictures are great if you posses the ability to draw proficient enough to use as a sell-able graphic design. Now what’s desirable with drawing your own images is that you can also sell the image or the CAD file. This now opens up more doors financially for you, if one aspect of your business is slow there’s something else to fall back on.

Lastly is free-use and I must give a word of warning about this. An image might be free to use but comes with limitations as far as usage rights. I’m not a lawyer but these are certainly worth looking into to absolutely know what can be done with them. When in doubt just go purchase an image and avoid any legalities all together.

For this CNC Engraved Scene Tutorial I used an open source clip art provider that allows full personal as well as commercial use. The website is one of my favorites for gathering free use imagery with no strings attached. Since I’m not an artist it comes down to me finding free images or purchasing them period. There are still good free use websites out there if you just take the time to look and read.


Re-Scaling Large Scene’s

Some of the time it’s great to be able to enlarge a small image to a larger one. That smaller image made significantly bigger is always better right? Well the same must apply for making a really large image smaller, ah not always. Here’s the problem I’ve found with scaling down large graphic images to smaller ones.

When an image has an abundance of detail in the grand scheme of things you may not be able to scale it down. If your detailed image looks awesome at 24″ wide by 12″ tall it doesn’t mean it will stay that way at half the size. Lines that make up your tool paths will eventually run into one another and mill that one out. You’ll end up with an unidentifiable mess that won’t be salvageable.

One way to work around this is to remove some of the images detail out of the program so to avoid this from happening. Depending on the image this may or may not be possible since too much image loss is also undesirable. I hope this article CNC engraved scene tutorial helped you out and as always thank you for taking the time to read……………………………………..


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