CNC fabricated winter bird roosting box

How can we help our feathered friends during winter ?

bird-feederCNC Fabricated Winter bird roosting Box is our topic today. So why fabricate our feathered friends a roosting box in the first place ? If you’ve been outside in the winter months you know it’s cold. Far northern regions have temperatures that are life threatening to humans and animals. This is why we fabricate roosting boxes, it gives our birds a fighting chance in the frigid months.

Birds are social creatures and flock together, even different species will intermingle with one another. Not all species migrate south to warmer regions for the winter. These species are grateful for our help. Backyard feeders are fun to watch and different diets attract different species.

CNC fabricated winter bird roosting box

As cnc router owners and operators we design and build one of a kind projects. Take an existing design and make it better with an engraving or personalization. Paint it, stain it or decorate it how you see fit and it’s now nothing that’s purchased in a chain retail store. A roosting box is no different. They have a specific function and when build and decorated they make beautiful lawn art. Included for you is an assortment of bird clipart to add to your roosting box. All the files for download are located here.

What’s a roosting box exactly ?

CNC Fabricated Winter bird roosting Box isn’t to be confused with a birdhouse. A roosting box isn’t meant to nest in and vice versa. The hole placement in the roosting box is place down low. In a birdhouse the entry hole is located up higher to make room for all the nesting material. With the hole at the bottom of the roosting box the heat doesn’t escape out the top hole.

Inside the box small wooden dowels are staggered to allow for roosting of the birds. As the box fills with birds their body heat in mass numbers keeps them from freezing to death. No vents are programmed into the design to keep heat in. A clean out makes life easier and a few shavings from the planner keeps things clean and fresh. A word of warning though, in the spring when you clean out your roosting boxes there’s going to be dead birds in it. There’s always a couple that don’t make it.


winter-roosting-boxOur CNC Fabricated Winter bird roosting Box comes in two styles. A vertical unit and a horizontal unit both have identical functions. A single lower entry hole 1.5″ keeps heat from escaping out of the box. The interior of the box has 2 or more 1/4″ dowels for the birds to roost on. The dowels are staggered to prevent birds from pooping on one another.

A vertically designed roosting box can be found here for you to download and use for reference. The plans for the one we will be fabricating are located here. The horizontal box is being fitted to my specific needs for its location. I’m attaching my roosting boxes to the front of my Shop’s facade. This offers great protection and also gives a good days sun to help heat the boxes.


Your CNC fabricated winter bird roosting box needs a good place to be hung to attract our feathered friends. A height of 6-15 feet attracts the winter species but you’ll need to adjust for your situation. A south facing directions gives all day sun. Keep roosting boxes out of the prevailing winds and you’ve got a condo fit for any bird. Correct placement also keeps predators at bay. Installing your roosting box on a pole ? Please make sure to secure in a safe place.

Extras and add-ons

The CNC fabricated winter bird roosting box has room for the little extras. Add a dark stain or paint to help the unit retain the heat. Seal the outside of the roosting box to make it last for years. Do not apply any sealants to the interior of the roosting box, birds won’t use it. Screening or mesh can be added to the interior for better grip.

Add a hinge to the floor or roof of the roosting box and clean out is a snap. A metal guard is added to the entry hole to keep predators out. Keep ventilation and drain holes to a minimum to hold in heat. Add a place for them to eat outside the roosting box. This give them the calories to burn on a cold night.

What species will I attract ?

Your CNC fabricated winter bird roosting box will attract many species of birds. Just what species you ask ? I go to the experts at the Audubon Society. This organization has the most information on all avian species around the world.  Follow their link and see what species you can help this winter in your local area. The entry hole size you make is important. Too large of a hole and you let in species that that don’t work with smaller species. Keep your hole sizes correct for the species yout looking to attract.


Do you want to make a difference for our feathered friends ? Do you think it’s too cold outside in the winter months ? Well, imagine having to live and survive in those frigid temperatures yourself. This is a simple project that’s completed with minimal tools. It gives a living creature a fighting chance in the frigid winter months. Why not undertake this simple project and help out our feathered friends this winter.

Thank you for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The Woods



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