CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication

Kitchen Table Engraving

CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication is our topic today. I’ll discuss the steps required to take this project from materials to finished product. I’ll include an itemized list of all the project costs. The engravings run in steps to not burden the equipment. There’s no reason to push the router, equipments not cheap. The job requires a total of 4 router bits. The spoiler board bit, 90 deg. V-bit (bit of your choice for decorative edge), 60 Deg,V-bit and an end mill for cutout.

CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication

CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication is now ready to start. The designs programmed in CAD, so what’s next ? Let’s start with getting everything prepped so our engraving comes out perfect. When I do larger jobs I always resurface my spoiler board. This assures a smooth flat surface for the material to sit on. The material is uneven from gluing and clamping. it needs to planed flat. I certainly don’t own equipment large enough for this step, what do I do………?

All materials inspected and cracked ends cut off. The materials cut to 50 inches in length since our CNC Camaster can’t run anything longer. The machines t-slot tracks are covered over by the material so using clamps is impossible. The materials held in place by screwing it down. Determine which side is the facia and what’s the back. Secure facia side down first, this will make for a single flip on the table. I’ll use my spoiler board bit to plane the material flat in the cnc machine. Mill the back first,flip and do the front.

Milling Bits

The bits required to perform all the work for this project number a total of four. The bits are common and readily available for this tutorial. Want a decorative edge on your table top ? Simply exchange out what we use for a bit more to your liking. I’ll also mention where our shop gets all its router bits from. I’ve conducted business with US Router Tools for years and can’t be happier. The owner Joey Jarrard is a great guy, family man and businessman. He’s always answered my questions and treated me good, so Joey has a customer for life.

Spoiler board Bit

This is the first router bit I’ll talk about since it’s purpose is a very important one. The spoiler board bit not only re-planes the spoiler board but also larger pieces of stock. The Little Little Woodshop doesn’t own an industrial planer or sander, so the cnc machine does it for us. Having uneven surfaces creates discrepancies in the engraving. Areas of your engravings are good but others aren’t visible or are too deep. This is why I use my spoiler board bit to mill my surface flat first.

90 Degree V-Bit or Decorative Bit

Once the materials all planed flat with our spoiler board bit it’s time for a bit change. I use a 90 degree v-bit to create my edge for the table. Choose what you like, there’s many choices out there. I’ll run the bit on an outside path function and create a nice bevel. This is my choice but decide on what you’d like.

60 Degree V-Bit

In my CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication scene I’ll be using a 60 degree v-bit. This router bit has always done a great job on higher detailed engraving work. I’ve used this bit in all my engraving jobs with great success.

1/4 Inch Downcut Endmill

This is a router bit everyone has or should have in their tooling. The 1/4 inch end mill is my choice for doing all my cut out work. This bit is inexpensive and should be on hand at all times. In Vcarve Pro this bits used for flat area clearance prior to running a v-bit. It will hog out the bulk of material just before clean up with a v-bit. A true must have router bit.

Feeds and Speeds

What feeds and speeds should I run the job at ? There’s no one easy answer to this question. Does your cnc router have a router or spindle ? What size or horsepower is it ? What material are you working with ? Is it hardwood or softwood ? Plastics, composites and metals all have different answers. Point being, there’s no one rule for anyone person. A smaller machine with a small router won’t have the same capabilities as large equipment with a spindle. Learn your equipment’s capabilities and work with in them.


With an cnc or woodworking project there’s a financial cost. The price of building your own log kitchen table is reduced compared to the retail stores. I’ve kept a list of all expenditures for everyone’s review. These prices are for reference only, products and availability vary by location. This is here for reference only.

  • 8′ White Cedar Dowel Fence Rail  Qty 4       $46.75
  • 32 oz. Envirotex 2 part resin          Qty 1      $27.99
  • Gallon Paint thinner                       Qty 1      $11.99
  • Quart Gloss Polyurethane             Qty 1      $11.99
  • Foam Brushes Package                Qty 1      $2.39
  • 2″ X 10″ X 8′ KD Pine                    Qty 5      $48.11

Grand Total                                                              $149.13


Log Carriage

CNC Kitchen Table Engraving & Fabrication needs a carriage or base to sit on. I’ll construct this project’s base out of cedar log fence rails. Both rail ends have the tenons already spun on them. One tenon end is cut off and a 30 inch piece is cut for our legs. Use reference pictures for your base. The mortise that your tenon fits into is made with a spade bit. All parts are cut, drilled and fitted before gluing and assembling the base. Below is a video on how to assemble our base.

Tenons without tenon cutters

Tenons are the tools that create the ends that fit into our holes known as a mortise. The tools range from price to size to the materials used to make them. Tenon are made from cast, aluminum and steel. These tools are nothing more than pencil sharpeners. They create a dowel of set size and a 45 degree taper to give it the correct appearance. This dowel fits into a drilled hole of matching size.



Designing and fabricating your own kitchen table is easy. The size of your project depends on the capacity of your equipment. Save the expense of the retail log kitchen tables and fabricate your own. Look for unique materials that you forage or purchase stock. The choice is up to you . There’s as many possibilities as there are ideas. Think about what you want to design and go for it ! Stay tuned next week for the finishing of our beautiful cnc engraved kitchen table.

Thank You for taking the time to read……………….

~An Engraver In The Woods




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