CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene

Wildlife Scene Ideas

dearCNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene is our topic today. What wildlife scene will best suit me ? Where do I find the imagery ? Do I have the necessary skill set to build a large wildlife scene ? No worries, we’re going to cover it all and more. I’ll take you all step-by-step through the design and layout to putting it all together.

CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene

foxFor our CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene I’m using animal species that are in my local area. Moose, Bear and whitetail deer are the large game species. The smaller game animals are fox,raccoon, rabbit, beaver,porcupine, and so on. There’s as many ideas as there’s animals, you just need to decide what’s right for you. Sounds easy doesn’t it ?

With so much shared today I also try to give back whenever possible. The Little Little Woodshop has created an all free use library in multiple formats. Not everyone has the same CAD software so I’ve created many different file types. I feel this covers most file exchanges for importing different those file types. Eps, Dxf, Pdf are the primary vector graphic files. Jpg, png,are the two raster files our shop uses most.

Design & Layout

What size ? What shape? Do we want chairs or bench seats or both ? Do I make it round,square or elliptical? It’s your table, you decide. For my project I’m designing a round and an elliptical to compare which I like better. I’ll design one with a black bear and the other with a moose. These are my two favorite large game animals.

Round-Cabin-Scene-with-deerFor the first design and layout of our CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene I’ll program a 36″ diameter round. I’ll use a pre-existing fully completed program file with a scene of a Deer,water effect and pine trees. I’ve milled this design before and it’s a very attractive piece. Again we have a free use library that I hope you will take advantage of. All imagery comes from so it’s free to use and share. I leave the file names original so the artist’s can receive full credit for their hard work. These images are useable for commercial purposes as well. Anything in this wildlife library is free, open-source, creative commons so please, happy milling.

Design #2

For the second CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene I’ve chosen an elliptical shape for my table top. I’ll design a larger scene with a Moose, some mountains and perhaps a water effect. My kitchen is small so I’m designing exactly what I need for my situation. My CNC machine also has a maximum travel capacity of 37.5″ X 50.249″. This is plenty for my build for two people but not a family.

With larger tables and machines a lot more is possible. Scene’s can be made larger, more animals, more trees but milling times increase. The scene I’ll be constructing will run 4-6 hours depending on feeds and speeds for your machine. This project requires 3 mills to complete it from start to finish. Again, I’ll walk you step by step how to construct this scene from our free use library. This Wildlife scene tutorial is found here to download and use as you see fit.

Design Possibilities

lighthouseWildlife scene not to your taste ? Looking for something different all together ? Write down ideas of things you like and go look for imagery. Maybe a coastal scene with a lighthouse is more to your taste. Add some seagulls or other appropriate ocean type animals or sea creatures, it’s your design after all. There’s no limitation to what’s designed, only what you can think up. So scour the internet and find that one idea that says “All You”.

Next Week

For next week’s Sunday Evening Blog we’ll discuss the assembly of our kitchen table. I’ll discuss the project’s specifics and how everything goes together. What you’re shown is applicable to other table designs of your choosing. See you next week.

Thank you for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The Woods

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