CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project

Out with old and in with the new

CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project is our topic today. What are we doing in 2018 ? What will separate this year from the last you might ask ? Well for 2018 our shop is looking at undertaking one larger than usual project. We’re combining our knowledge of fabrication with a builder I’ve known for years. The project will cover multiple areas of fabrication from layout and design to physical construction. I so look forward to sharing this project with you all.

CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project

is a modular portable structure. This structure is going to cover 3 functions. It will be used as a camper, an ice fishing shelter and a portable hunting shack. The materials used are everything from reclaimed to purchased. What we can’t find we’ll fabricate. Let’s look at how each of these uses are possible with our design.

The design

trailerTo make our project portable we’ll start with a trailer. I’m choosing to use a 5×8 utility trailer that will be pulled by a mid-sized awd crossover style sedan. The trailer’s payload capacity is 1,500 lbs and will more than suffice for our project. My personal vehicles towing capacity matches up well with this size trailer.

The Camper

rvThe first idea our shop had during the brainstorming process was to make this project useable year round regardless of demographics. Not everyone can afford a big driving camper or even a pull behind but why can’t we build one? Why not custom tailor a camper hat gives you exactly what you want and/or need.

Personally, I want a warm dry place to lay my head at night. Room for some storage and the ability to sit upright without hitting my head. I’m not concerned with running water or plumbing, so a toilet and shower aren’t being figured into the design. These are things that will be taken into account when the time presents itself.

The Ice Fishing Shanty

ice-fishing-hutsOur CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project gives you the option of using this project as an ice fishing shanty. The same design as the camper but we’ll add skis and runners to remove it from the trailer to make it mobile on the ice. The floors are fitted with removable manholes so fishing is a snap inside the shanty. The same bunk system the camper utilizes the ice fishing shanty will as well. Had a long day of ice fishing ? Why not kick off those boots, grab a hot cup of coffee and lay down in your bunk, spend the night while you’re at it.

The hunting stand

hunting-blindNot everyone has the ability to go and enjoy ice fishing. What if you live in a region of the country where there’s no ice ? Well how about a comfortable hunting blind then ? Perhaps you have that older parent or grandparent that enjoys all the outdoors offers but can’t do the cold anymore. With the correct placement of windows our modular design project serves as a portable hunting blind. Park the units trailer,shelter and all in the corner of a field all while staying comfortable and warm. Never leave a good hunter behind again. Don’t miss out on another day in the field, stay warm all while still enjoying your passion out in the field.


Basic Requirements

CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project has requirements. The tiny house movement has given way to many ideas that are applicable to small space fabrication today. Where we won’t be able to purchase most of our interior items, we’ll have to make them. All storage, cupboards, benches, beds, seating,heating and security are handmade. A small sink or basin for minor cleanup ? A single burner propane cook top to boil water of heat up a meal. A floor that water won’t hurt or rot out. Exterior lighting so that when on the lake my ice fishing shanty is visible after dark. Most importantly, I need to scale my design to look as close to The Little Little Woodshop for advertising purposes.


Throughout the fabrication process we’ll be making revisions. The revisions will be recorded and this project will be accounted for every step of the way. I’ll give you video, image stills and screen capture with all the design and layout. This project is going to be completed over the next few months so please stay tuned as we work together to fabricate our CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project.

Thank you for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The Woods

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