CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects

What to make for Christmas ?

CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects is our topic today. What do I make for someone for the holiday season ? Are there places for woodworkers to go to find these ideas ? What do I need to keep in mind  ? Do I have the time for the project I’ve chosen ? Do I have the skillset for the project I’m looking to do ? What’s the cost of the project I’m looking to do ? These are things I look at when undertaking any project.

CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects


Here at The Little Little Woodshop this is a very busy time of the year. Not just with clients but the fabrication of gifts for the family. So where do we come up with our ideas ? Simple, by watching others ideas and following many of you on your journeys in woodworking. Social media platforms, arts & crafts shows, videos and tv shows, even my own clients. Watch, look and listen and you’ll come up with plenty of ideas. These’s a few things to keep in mind when looking to create our Christmas projects.


When I think of CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects I always keep the age of the individual in mind. That custom picture frame for Granny may not go over as well with a younger person. Whereas that new rocking horse you made that special young man you probably won’t catch Grampy on. This is what wew mean by age.


A very straight forward thought to keep in mind is what gender is the product being fabricated for ? Is the item you making going to be satisfactory for both sexes or just one ? The same keepsake box can work for both but the engraving or colors used are more gender specific. A little girls taste isn’t always that of what a boys is and vice versa.


united-states-mapNeed us not forget that the location of where you live plays an important part in what we as designers and fabricators produce around the holiday season. I’m not building a surfboard for someone in New England in December anymore then a toboggan for someone living Florida. Always take demographics of the clients location into account.

Personal Careers

What does your client or family member do for a living ? Are they a professional? Do they work from home or go to the office everyday ? What can you fabricate to improve, help or complement that individuals live. An engraved desk clock for the office or home.


CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects also relates to individuals lifestyles. What does your client or family member do outside of work, when not at the grind 5 days a week ? What hobbies do they have ? Are they indoor or outdoors kind of people ? Do they garden ? Small signs to mark rows or herbs rgardens are a great idea. Are they bird enthusiast ? Fabricate a nice decorative bird house or feeder that no one else has. The possibilities are endless when we look at lifestyles.

Cost, Time and Skillset

So I’ve narrowed down the gifts I wish to fabricate for family and friends. I have a list of what I’m going to fabricate for everyone but I need to keep a few things in mind. Although what I’ve picked out I’m sure is going to please, what does it cost to build ? Are all the supplies readily available ? This is a problem for some individuals. Not knowing what you need, where to get it or how much. You can speak with individuals in building centers, home improvement centers even hardware stores.

How long is the project(s) going to take me ? A simple birdhouse or feeder can be completed in under a weekend. If you’re looking to do a more elaborate project then plan accordingly for that project. I personally try to never do projects that will run over a normal 5 day work week. If doing projects for family try to combine things, that one project might go over big with more than one person.

Finally, do you even have the skillset for the project you’re looking to undertake. Is the project something you can build alone or do you need help ? There’s a big difference between a birdhouse and a Grandfather clock when it comes to personal skills and capabilities.

Niche Christmas Products

christmas-giftCNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects can be found if you know where to look. I’m going to give you  ideas that have gone over well with my family and clients at Christmas. They aren’t expensive to make, can be built from reclaimed materials and don’t require a big skill set. Some are age and gender neutral but can be designed to a specific person. So let’s get going shall we ?

  • Keepsake BoxKeepsake boxes are great for all ages, engravings personalize them
  • Cell Phone Stand: Cell phone stands work for men & women of all ages
  • Tablet Stand: Tablet stand is a handy gift for anyone who owns a tablet
  • Picture FramesGreat gift for anyone, custom engrave your frames
  • ClocksWho doesn’t need a clock ? Engrave a custom face on it for a one of a kind gift
  • Games: Wooden games for all ages, Our downloadable project library, Shop’s Store
  • Birdhouse: Great gift for the bird lover out there, many designs & styles
  • BirdfeederKeep those feathered friends fed during the cold months, personalize it.
  • Squirrel FeederWatch these comical animals with your own squirrel feeder, personalize it.
  • Christmas Decor: Ornaments, card holders, patterns, many Christmas gift ideas

These are all items I’ve made for friends, family and clients alike. A cnc router or equipment isn’t necessary but personalization is easy with it. Place an engraving on it for a specific person and now it’s one of a kind. Place a saying on that picture frame that only the recipient would understand and it’s a hit. We have the ability to create  items that can’t be purchased in stores. This is what separates us from the rest of the holiday shoppers out there.

Thank You for taking the time to read

~An Engraver In The Woods



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