Foraging Shop Materials

Foraging Shop Materials

Every now and then the humble shop owner goes foraging shop materials. I will start off with know your location, get required permissions and or permits. The amount out of pocket doesn’t match up with the fine for completely neglecting this task in the first place.

Also, please leave behind contact information of any places that are pursued. It’s a shame to have permits & permission then no one knows where you are in the event of an emergency.

In this blog I will take you into a State forest in Northern New Hampshire. The area, located in Stark NH known as Nash Stream will be our destination for a little scouting. Just through the steel gates and approximately five miles in on the right is Pond Brook Falls. This is where our adventure begins.

Pond Brook Falls, Stark NH


  Pond Brook Falls , Stark NH

On this beautiful 4th of July weekend I decided to do the two birds with one stone trick . I combined a hike with my niece while looking for that all important piece of material. I didn’t find a thing on this trip but these life breaks are much needed .

Introducing a young person into this lifestyle is never a waste of anyone’s time, so take a kid hiking. At the very least the exercise obtained from this will help you in your pursuit of this lifestyle. As we trek from the parking lot up the trail the only sounds are the stream,birds and occasional passer-by. I keep an eye open for anything the heavy rains have washed up but nothing catches my eye. Still, a bad day of hiking is still better then …………….

Pond Brook Falls, Stark NH
Tip Top Pond Brook Falls, Stark NH
Pool At Top Of Pond Brook Falls Stark NH
Pond Brook Falls, Upstream
Upper Pond Brook Falls Really Cool Stump
Upper Pond Brook Falls Big Moss Covered Rock
Upper Pond Brook Falls Micro Pools
Upper Pond Brook Falls Little Side Mini Waterfall
Upper Pond Brook Falls Small Side Stream

We continue up the rock face at the base of Pond Brook Falls being ever so careful of our step. Keeping my eyes open for wildlife I pass a couple of fishermen trying their luck while in this beautiful place. Small chat leads to a potential client for The Little Little Woodshop so we wished them both luck and off we went. Continuing upstream isn’t too bad just watch your footing or that unintentional swim might become reality. Plenty of places exist to stop for a bite to eat and since it weighs less empty it won’t be a problem to carry out one’s trash. Even though no super duper awesome material was found this is another memory made in one of my most favorite places.  Foraging shop materials regardless of outcome really doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s time well spent.


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