Foraging Spalted Hardwood part 2

Foraging Spalted Hardwoods

I discussed in the first part of Foraging Spalted Hardwoods the what, where and why. The what we use it for , where to go get it, as well as why even go forage for it. This is one of a kind material that creates spectacular pieces for The Little Little Woodshop.

I talked about inquiring where logging companies have been, to storm damaged areas. Calling to inquire with a local Forestry office about your interest. Ask about any permits, property land owner permissions and as always be polite. These steps will likely get you what you want with little to any problems.

I discussed with you the tools and equipment you will need. The items that are handy to have and the practices that should be implemented. Never disturb an animal’s home, there’s trees everywhere so just move on to the next. Always practice safety no matter where you are, especially alone.

Alone is how I do most of my own foraging for spalted hardwood so I leave the chainsaw at home. Plan trips accordingly, don’t try to remove items too big without proper equipment if allowed. Personally I like to utilize a small truck and/or ATV to make my task simpler.

Foraging Trips & Tips

berry patch

Try combining your material foraging with some wild edibles and it’s twice the enjoyment. If that berry patch isn’t quite ready to be picked make a note of its location and check back in a week. If your knowledge of what’s safe or not safe to ingest then get a species identification guide. I will mention the guide in the above link, provided it pertains to your area. I keep this paperback with me for reference especially when I’m introducing someone new to this lifestyle. Always introduce a young person to this way of life as it has great rewards.The practices and respect for the outdoors can not be instilled to young in my opinion. Leave no trace, fire safety & prevention, compass navigation and minor first aid will also be your friend in the great outdoors.

Rare foraging finds

By rare finds we are talking about things that are few and far between in the great outdoors. Whether a massive berry find, unique material, gigantic burl or even a good load of Chaga. This last trip out gave me some great GPS sites to check at a later time. Then out of nowhere a big block of Chaga, what a score to find this. I recommend a quick read on this incredible mushroom and all it can do for you. Even if foraging spalted hardwoods turns out bad this most certainly made up for it.


No matter what your foraging adventure is, combine it with other things so you’re not limited. Take pictures to preserve your memories and share with others.Perhaps foraging spalted hardwood isn’t for you but the outdoors is, then look at any number of things you can do. Lastly, bring a young person to share these experiences with.

Thank You for taking the time to read another of my adventures…….

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