Foraging Spalted Hardwood part 1

Foraging Spalted Hardwood

This is an important part of our shops material inventory. Foraging spalted hardwood gives our shop more possibilities for specialty items. I’ll take you through the procedures to go out into the woods and what to look for and where to look for it.  Not all areas will provide you with the same results though so lets start with the easy ones first.                         

Living in the northern part of my state there’s a significant amount of logging going on. Call a logging operation and find out where they have been cutting, who it was for (personal or State land) and we’ll begin there.

Another good place is where storm damage from high winds has dropped trees but this situation may not be applicable to everyone. Please make sure to get permissions before removing any materials from any place of interest.

If it is state land then call the forestry service and inquire with them about your intentions. Now if it’s private land then find out who the owner is and explain your intentions of what you want to do. These steps will create a relationship based on trust and will help you with your future foraging endeavors.

Foraging Spalted Hardwood Tools

With most things in life certain tools will be required for certain tasks. Below is my list of what I carry for foraging spalted hardwoods when I go out. These items are readily available and most everyone already has them.

  • Backpack :

    A comfortable day pack that will hold all your items in one place but will allow the user full range of motion .

  • Saws :

    A good sharp folding hand saw that breaks down and is durable. Any battery operated reciprocating hand saw with blade if you don’t mind carrying the extra weight.

  • Pencil & Paper :

    Small pad of paper and writing instrument for recording that all important pertinent information.

  • Tape Measure :

    A 12 to 16 foot tape measure will more then work for measuring your materials length & diameter.

  • Map :

    One with your location marked accordingly with the areas of interest you’ll be foraging in, Also make a copy and leave it with someone who will know what you’re doing and where your doing it.

  • GPS :

    This is an extremely handy device with a multitude of applications other then just foraging. The GPS will allow you to record multiple finds in many different locations. These locations can be downloaded in your personal computer for later use.

  •  Foot Gear :

    This is a very important item in my opinion since the wrong foot wear can make your foraging adventure miserable. Wear what’s applicable to your environment , your favorite running shoes won’t be much fun going through a swamp.

  • Snacks & Water :

    Hydration is the most important factor since we can survive some time without food. Carry what you feel you’ll need and also bring along something to purify water just in case. Snack on what you like but doesn’t require cooking.

  • Clothing :

    Be comfortable, be stylish but have what your particular environment dictates to you. Don’t wear your island shorts in November where I live cause you might get chilly.

  • Survival bag :

    Every good woodsman has a small kit put together just in case something happens while in the woods. Here’s what’s in mine. Matches & fire starter, Multi-tool, Flashlight, water purification tablets, MRE or high calorie energy bars, Knife, emergency blanket, Whistle, Toilet paper, marking ribbon, para-cord,Tarp

Foraging Practices

I can’t emphasize enough to be courteous and polite when obtaining permissions. Leave no trace is a practice that everyone should implement when foraging. Most importantly, bring a young person along to experience everything the outdoors has to offer. Plan your foraging trip around berry season and take advantage of some fresh picked fruit.

The little little woodshop will continue foraging spalted hardwood because of its applications in our shop. I feel this material to be one of a kind just as the pieces we are trying to produce for the individuals we engrave for. Please follow us as we continue this journey in the woods………….

Thank you for taking the time to read……………..

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