Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System

What’s Pocket Hole Joinery ?

Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System is our topic today. So what is pocket hole joinery ? Pocket hole joinery isn’t new to the woodworking industry. The process is simple and involves drilling out the correct angle to create a pocket. This pocket creates the holes for the fasteners. It perfectly aligns your pockets angle so fasteners don’t go through the fascia of the attached piece of material. Want a hidden fastening system that’s one of the easiest to use ? Look no further.

Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System

Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System was brought to the woodworking industry in the 1990’s. Craig Sommerfield revolutionized pocket joinery and made it affordable.  For the home owner or professional Kreg has a joinery system for you. Kreg’s other systems include joinery, clamping, routing, cutting and measuring jigs.

Joint Integrity

The Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System is stronger then conventional fastening systems out there. Stronger then wooden dowels or biscuits Kreg surpasses their holding strength by over 30%. On a glued seam the fasteners act like permanently placed wood clamps. Always keeping your seam tight  and under constant pressure. The self tapping screws cut perfectly leaving very little room for error.


So just what can you do with a Kreg system ? The real question is what can’t you do ? With its versatility the Kreg Jig will save time, increase productivity and its portability makes it perfect for the job site. The settings on the Kreg jig allow for various thickness boards. I’ll discuss the set up & operation of the Kreg jig in further detail later in this article.

Cabinet & Face Frames

kitchenKreg Pocket Hole Joinery System in my opinion was truly designed for this purpose. Biscuit joints and wooden plugs are a thing of the past. The Kreg system makes joining stile and frame rails a breeze. The pocket system keeps all hardware hidden.  With this jig your fantasy of building that dream kitchen in now a reality. Don’t put this project off another minute, not with the simplicity of the Kreg Jig fastening system.

Kitchen Tables, End tables & Nightstands

tableRustic furnishings for the home, camp or cottage is no problem. With a few basic woodworking tools these projects are quick and easy. Using conventional 2 by stock fabrication and assembly are done quickly. These are items that you build on the weekends for extra cash or gifts. They’re quick turn and basic but will create an income stream for you. Add a free downloadable Wildlife Scene and you have an item sure to please.


BookshelfI don’t know of any home that doesn’t have a bookshelf or a place to store reading materials or nick knacks. You will find them in hallways, bedrooms, office or study and in all sizes and shapes. A Kreg Jig system will make this effortless when building bookshelves. As simple as 2 sides, pocketing holes on the underside on the shelf’s and figure your distance between each shelf. Add a piece of blacking and you have a completed project. Make these in different sizes to appeal to different groups of individuals.


staircaseThe Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System makes staircases solid and quiet. My home personally had loose stair treads with the creek and squeaks every time you stepped on them. Place a pocket on the underside of the stringer and screw up into the stair tread. This will pull your tread down tight and hold it there. The fastening system will also secure the risers to the treads all while keeping your fasteners hidden.

Picture Frames

picture-frameWant to fabricate your own picture frames ? The Kreg system will have you producing beautiful wooden picture frames lightning fast. Paint, stain and decorate them as you like. Sell them online, farmers Markets, flea markets family and friends. Who doesn’t have or needs to have a picture frame? Target that audience and you’ll keep yourself busy.


Extension Jambs

WindowWhat’s an extension jamb ? It’s a piece on material, usually wood that extends the door or window frame out to the wall. Now when you trim out the door or window to make it flush with your wall. Need an extension jamb on a door or window frame ? Create your extension jamb, secure it with no visual fasteners and you have a nice tight seal. The Kreg Jig system makes this process simple for you.

Outdoor Planters

wood-planterKreg Pocket Hole Joinery System creates incredible planters fast. Want to fabricate something special that you build yourself ? Create different sizes, shapes and styles with ease. Want a hexagon planter ? Put the 60 degree angles on your boards edges, add your jig pockets and screw together. How about an octagon shaped planter ? Take 8 boards and put a 22.5 degree bevel on their edges, add your pockets and you have a nice outdoor planter.

Edge Joinery

edge joineryThis was one of the biggest factors for me when I decided to join materials together. Gluing and clamping has been used for years. I’ve found the wider projects tend to bow no matter how good I clamp them. I started cleaning my material edges really good and flat. Using a small joiner planner for my edge, I put my pockets on the back or underside of the project. Add a light seam of glue and fasten each board to the next and allow to dry overnight. Sound easy ? It truly is.

Kreg Jig Overview

To set up your Kreg Jig correctly I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take. The most important factor is your material thickness. The jig is set to your material thickness. Put the wrong pocket size in and your fastener will come through your materials fascia. Create too shallow of a pocket and your fastener won’t go all the way into the material. This will prevent a nice strong secure bond.Lets look closer at the Kreg jig below.


The image above is my personal Kreg jig system. I’ve mounted the primary base to a piece of material for more stability. It’s simple but effective for holding my material level while drilling out my pocket holes. The Kreg system I owned can be purchased here. Don’t need the whole complete system ? No problem, here’s a basic that will do most anything you’ll need to start building with this Kreg jig. Let’s not forget about fasteners. The assorted screw kit from Kreg is well worth the investment. It covers anything you’ll encounter.

Kreg Jig Set Up

Kreg-Jig-Material-Adjustment The set up begins with setting the Jig for the correct material thickness. In the illustration you see a slide with a series of measurements in 1/8″ increments. To the right of the device is a brass knob, unscrew it. This will free up the drill guide to be adjusted to the required material thickness. Turn the brass screw again to lock the choose measurement in place. Your now ready to secure the material.

Kreg-Step-Bit-adjustmentThe step drill needs to be adjusted prior to drilling. Too shallow a pocket and screws don’t go deep enough to provide holding power. Too deep and you risk hardware coming through the fascia of the attached material. Even worse, you drive your step drill bit right down through your new Kreg Jig. That’s most certainly not what we want.

Kreg-Base-ClampInsert material in the Kreg Jig’s base and close the jigs clamp. This will lock the material firmly into place. If your clamp isn’t snug against the material there’s an adjustment (screw & lock nut) to set for your specific material thickness.Once this is done your ready to start drilling out your pocket hole for hardware. Attach a shop Vac hose to the vacuum port to catch all debris.


The Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System makes assembly a breeze. Using either the 3″ or 6″ #2 Square bit to sink our fasteners. I’ll recommend a cordless drill with the clutch adjusted. The softer materials with impact guns can strip out. Clamps should be used to keep your two adjoining pieces together flush. Nothing worse then getting your material fastened together to find one side is higher then the other.


Want a joinery system that’s fast ? Doesn’t require a degree to operate ? Won’t break the bank in the process ? Look no further than the Kreg Jig Pocket Hole system. Once you try this system you’ll wonder how you ever survived in your own wood shop without it. Just see what this can make regardless of your personal skill level. Take a look at a Kreg Jig today.

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