Recycling Scrap Shop material

Recycling Scrap Shop material

Jotul F 602 CB wood stove

Recycling scrap shop material in  The Little Little Woodshop  is always a priority. Scrap materials are used for heat. The significant amounts of sawdust from the dust collection system are utilized. If our little shop sends this scrap to a dump site we add to the problem, not the solution.

With winters in the north being frigid I utilize a small wood burning stove in my shop. I needed a small wood stove that had a reasonable burn time. I didn’t want a stove that would burn all night though. Not leaving an unattended appliance in my shop was a large deciding factor. After countless hours of research I came up with the Jotul F 602 CB wood stove.

The Jotul F 602  CB specifications are below .

  • Size : The Jotul  F 602 CB measures (HxWxD): 25.25 x 12.625 x 21.25 in
  • Heating Capacity : Jotuls little stove puts out a whopping 28,000 BTU’s which easily keeps our shop toasty warm
  • Weight : The stove weighs 160 lbs and is moved alone. Removing the stove outside for cleaning and new paint.
  • Emissions : EPA approved with the lowest carbon emissions in industry standards @ 3.76 gram/hr non-catalytic stove
  • Manufacturer : The Jotul F 602 CB wood stove has manufactured over 1,000,000 of these fine stoves.  A Limited Lifetime Warranty on baffle and combustion system. Alcove approved for US and Canada.
  •  Functionality : The cast iron will hold residual heat even after the fire is out . Easy to adjust air controls, a cook plate on top for a pot of tea or Dutch Oven of stew sealed the deal. I will personally recommend this wood burning stove hands down.

Recycling Scrap Shop material from dust collection System

Recycled- Scrap-Shop-material
Recycled Scrap Shop material

Scrap material produced from the shops dust collection system is another issue to contend with. It adds up quickly but there is no reason to throw it out. Doing hours of research I found a way to repurpose it as well. Other individuals have come up with a Bio briquette formula that utilizes sawdust and scrap paper. Shredded office documents and other publications that would normally make the trash are now re-purposed. Combine these two together at a 50-50 ratio with water, mixing thoroughly gives us another fuel source.This messy slurry of sawdust and shredded paper is compressed into bricks and left to dry until heating season. This is The Little Little Woodshops way of doing its part for the environment to keep carbon emissions down and scrap out of landfills.

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