Simple Data Storage, Portable, Permanent & Offsite

Simple Data Storage

Simple Data Storage, Portable, Permanent & Offsite comes to mind usually after the fact something happens. I’m composing this article with that statement in mind after having a computer a crash in my shop. Murphy’s law can strike at any time, with a few simple steps data loss, regardless of what it is can be reduced to a minimal.

I will discuss with you the three simple ways to secure those all important family photo’s, music collection, video’s and documents. Flash drives, portable & permanent hard drives and finally free storage online.

Portable Data Storage

When I think of portable I think of what can fit into my pocket. With a multitude of choices with flash drive technology today it really comes down to how much space and what your willing to spend. Your first choice might be something over the counter but I strongly urge against that. Take the time to read different reviews, determine your capacity requirements and finally what’s your budget.

Today there’s a lot of choices and for under fifty bucks and you can have it all. I personally do everything I need with a 64GB flash drive from backing up all my shop’s CAD programs to documents and videos. This portable data solution is now available for so much less then when I purchased mine. Purchasing over 100 GB Flash drive for under the fifty dollar price limit is extremely achievable today.

Survivor 64 GB Flash Drive

I will recommend two flash drives, one I personally own, the other I’m looking to purchase. The Corsair Survivor 64GB or larger is an invaluable tool for the shop. This is my third Survivor product with the 64 GB being the largest. It’s sealed with an O-ring and has a protective metal case so submersion in water or drop won’t effect it. My Survivor has seen a few trips through the washing machine and dropped many times.

Corsair 256 GB Voyager

This is also another Corsair USB Flash drive and with 256GB of storage. This portable storage device for it’s size, capacity and transfer speeds has me convinced it’s my next purchase. There’s more than enough storage for what most will require and under a hundred bucks to boot. This is just one possibility for the personal or small business user to back up that all important data.



Permanent Data Storage

When I think of permanent data storage I think of the larger external hard drives that you plug into a USB port. These can range from a fitted 2.5″ hard drive up to the larger 3.5″ drives with enclosures. Although the smaller enclosures can fit into a laptop bag/case I don’t feel them to be as portable as a flash drive. Same methods apply as selecting a portable flash drive, read reviews, look at your desired capacity and finally your budget.

A much larger capacity is now achievable for backing up that all important data. A 1-2 Terabyte hard drive with enclosure is easily obtainable today for well under the 100 smack-ah-roo’s price tag. Below are two permanent hard drives I own, use frequently and would purchase again with no hesitation.

Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive

The Western Digital My Passport I’ve owned for years and I would recommend it. Wanting more capacity then a flash drive but smaller than a desktop External hard drive. This fits into my Laptop bag, holds not just my important files but leaves plenty of room for music and entertainment. This device will easily back up most personal computers but look at your own personal storage requirements.

Western Digital My Book 2 TB

The second and more bulky of the two is also a Western Digital external hard drive. I have owned a few of these personally over the years and never been disappointed. Data transfer speeds are reasonable, 2 Terabytes will hold most anyone’s everything they can imagine. Those all important family photo’s, legal documentation, music collections, personal files, school work, business,and tax info just to name a few. I would strongly urge everyone to look at a simple data storage device regardless of what it is.

Offsite Data Storage

Offsite data storage comes in two simple forms, free and premium depending on your personal storage needs. Both having their place but with one offering more at a cost. I will be mentioning the free versions here today but all are up-gradable to a premium package.

  • ADrive:

    Although free storage is no longer available this service is worth mentioning due to the fact of price. For $25.00 bucks per year a whooping 100 GB’s of storage can be purchased for that piece of mind.

  • IDrive:

    The basic package of IDrive includes 5 GB of storage and is up-gradable at a premium cost depending on how much space you need.

  • MediaFire:

    There are very few limits on what you can do with this very popular service for absolutely no money. Unlimited uploads and downloads, up to 200MB file size for sharing, unlimited storage, direct linking to files and advanced sharing features are what make MediaFire an extremely attractive option for file storage.

  • MiMedia:

    You start out with a free 10 GB of storage just for signing up with their service. For a price the premium subscriptions will offer you more storage space if you require it. I personally use this service for Photos and documents that are important to me but won’t reveal any personal information. The personal information I’m talking about is financial, legal or otherwise since I don’t want this stuff available ever.

Simple Data Storage, Portable. permanent & Off Site

Regardless of which service or device you would like to use it’s important to look at all the options. Read,read, then read some more and you will be able to make an educated decision on what will work best for your particular application. Everyone’s situation might vary but the ability to protect important data simply stays the same for all of us. We mourn the loss of that family computer today but we don’t have to cry over the contents anymore with any of these solutions. I hope this helped you in narrowing down your decision for simple data storage, portable, permanent or off site.

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