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CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects

What to make for Christmas ? CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects is our topic today. What do I make for someone for the holiday season ? Are there places for woodworkers to go to find these ideas ? What do I need to keep in mind  ? Do I have the time for the project I’ve chosen ? Do I have the skillset for the project I’m looking to do ? What’s the cost of the project I’m looking to do ? These are things I look at when undertaking any project. CNC Woodshop Niche Christmas Projects Here at The Little Little Woodshop this is a very busy time of the year. Not just with clients but the fabrication of gifts for the family. So where do we come up with our ideas ? Simple, by watching others ideas and following many of you on your journeys in woodworking. Social…

CNC Christmas Ornaments

Making CNC Christmas Ornaments The art of making CNC Christmas ornaments is not a difficult as one might think. This is not only a busy time of year for most wood workers but also the funniest. The joys of giving no matter how large or small can make a difference to someone else. This is particularly our favorite time of year here at The Little Little Wood shop. With so many great ideas shared with so many others the possibilities are endless. I too as well want to share with you one of my most favorite projects. The steps below will guide my fellow CNC enthusiast through using scrap material to fabricate cnc Christmas ornaments. I will give you different options, the free C.A.D. files necessary and design ideas. Then together we’ll insert a picture, decoupage it and finally seal your piece. Please follow us on another journey here at…