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KRS CNC Keypad Controller

CNC Keypad Controller In this article I’m going to review the KRS CNC Keypad Controller. This keypad can operate a PC controlled CNC router or plasma. This device will eliminate that cumbersome PC keyboard that must be hauled around to run your machine. Below we will go into greater detail about the KRS CNC Keypad Controller. Keypad Layout This is the KRS CNC Keypad Controller template that works on the Camaster machine I’ll be discussing. I’ll go over each series of buttons, their functions and how they’re used to operate this particular machine. Other preset templates are available from the KRS Corporation for download here. Resume/Enter This button will begin/resume the command or job listed in the command line.   Abort This button aborts a command or job that is running. Fast/Med/Slow These buttons allow you to specify the transit speed of your machine. Jog Increment Buttons .001″/.01″/.1″/1″ These buttons allow you to specify…