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Vcarve Pro slab headboard scene tutorial

Why engrave slab headboards ? Vcarve Pro slab headboard scene tutorial is our topic today. Why engrave slab headboards ? Why engrave anything in the first place? Our abilities as engravers allow for us to take an average item and make it better. To personalize it in a way no other can. We do this by use of CAD to scale imagery and place it exactly where we want it to go. Have an old jewelry box laying around ? Put a decorative engraving on the lid. The possibilities are endless. Material Layout For our Vcarve Pro slab headboard scene tutorial we start with the design layout on the material. I want to know where all the discrepancies are. Knot holes. cracks and leaking sap to be more specific. I’ll measure from my materials dead center and measure to find the location of the problems. Write these down somewheres and have…