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Raw Material Foraging Practices

What are raw materials ? Raw Material Foraging Practices is the topic today. So just what raw materials are we talking about ? Don’t we just go to the lumber yard to purchase our stock ? Why go through all the headache of foraging raw materials in the first place. What do foraged raw materials offer that other materials do not ? These are questions I asked when looking deeper into my own shops products lines. Let’s look deeper into this topic shall we. Raw Material Foraging Practices Raw Material Foraging Practices are simple and when done correctly the rewards are astounding.I won’t fail to mention that I only forage from downed trees,never good healthy trees. Any woodworker can purchase materials that have been milled,planed and dried. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of working with non symmetrical materials. Live edge slabs, tree limbs and branches all make great building materials.…

Making & Canning Blackberry Jam

Making & canning blackberry jam is tradition year after year in some homes. Through my own shops exploits of foraging for material, this is a much beloved undertaking. When in the woods I combine multiple tasks for maximum reward. Finding material for fabrication and wild edibles to eat is a winning combination in my opinion. Simple Blackberry Jam Recipe Ingredients 6 cups mashed black raspberries 3 cups sugar 1 lemon, zested and juiced 2 tablespoons powdered pectin Note: This extremely easy recipe can be applied to other berry strains or their hybrids. Also,  cinnamon, nutmeg, sage leaves, anise or similar spice can be added to customize your jam. Instructions Prepare 3 pint or 6 half pint jars Place Berries, Sugar, Lemon zest and juice into large pot bringing it to a boil and stirring consistently while skimming any foam that starts to develop, When the Blackberry Jam starts to thicken and…

Foraging Spalted Hardwood part 2

Foraging Spalted Hardwoods I discussed in the first part of Foraging Spalted Hardwoods the what, where and why. The what we use it for , where to go get it, as well as why even go forage for it. This is one of a kind material that creates spectacular pieces for The Little Little Woodshop. I talked about inquiring where logging companies have been, to storm damaged areas. Calling to inquire with a local Forestry office about your interest. Ask about any permits, property land owner permissions and as always be polite. These steps will likely get you what you want with little to any problems. I discussed with you the tools and equipment you will need. The items that are handy to have and the practices that should be implemented. Never disturb an animal’s home, there’s trees everywhere so just move on to the next. Always practice safety no matter where…

Foraging Spalted Hardwood part 1

Foraging Spalted Hardwood

This is an important part of our shops material inventory. Foraging spalted hardwood gives our shop more possibilities for specialty items. I’ll take you through the procedures to go out into the woods and what to look for and where to look for it.  Not all areas will provide you with the same results though so lets start with the easy ones first.                         

Foraging Shop Materials

Foraging Shop Materials

Every now and then the humble shop owner goes foraging shop materials. I will start off with know your location, get required permissions and or permits. The amount out of pocket doesn’t match up with the fine for completely neglecting this task in the first place.

Also, please leave behind contact information of any places that are pursued. It’s a shame to have permits & permission then no one knows where you are in the event of an emergency.

In this blog I will take you into a State forest in Northern New Hampshire. The area, located in Stark NH known as Nash Stream will be our destination for a little scouting. Just through the steel gates and approximately five miles in on the right is Pond Brook Falls. This is where our adventure begins.