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CNC Business Marketing

Steps for promoting yourself In this article I will talk about CNC Business Marketing. Again I can only discuss my personal experiences with what I’ve done. If you choose a different niche, what I discuss here will help you. Results will vary on many factors but work through them and don’t give up. Great visionaries all started somewheres and you’re no different. This is not a get rich discussion, rather steps I’ve taken to achieve small goals. CNC Business Marketing I’ll discuss the 4 most popular ways I market my shop. The first thing I can’t stress enough is to keep it simple. Don’t take on so much that you can’t keep up. You need to crawl before you walk, walk before you run and so on. You’ll do yourself no good if your over burdened and burn out before things start to happen. This personally happened to myself and it…

Small Business Marketing Coach

Marketing your Small business This is a topic that may pose as many answers as it does questions depending who you ask. Being able to market your business successfully will depend on the information you have and the order in which you put it. Where do I find this information ? Who has it ? Can I make sense of it enough to even use it correctly? These were all questions I had when first opening up my shop. In the day many years ago marketing your small business was done in a couple of ways. Word-of-mouth was the most cost effective, then there was radio and finally television broadcast. The age of the internet super highway had not even evolved yet. Living in a world today with all the social media and different communication devices “Old School” ways have become kind of obsolete. A digital image, some written content,…