Pine Slab

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CNC Pine Slab Preparation

Pine Slab Preparation CNC Pine Slab Preparation can be done in a couple of ways. I will discuss with you the techniques used for preparing a pine slab for an engraving. The simplest way is a commercial planner that can accept the large slab material. Planning both sides flat certainly makes life easier except for the cost of the equipment to do so. Most of the material used falls between 20-30 inches in width, a homeowners planer will not suffice for this operation. Finding a sawmill to do this step is an option but now another cost is incorporated as well as time. I will walk you step-by-step through how we do this operation in our own Little Little Wood Shop. Safety Aside from all the personal safety equipment available in the marketplace, we’re going to mention machine safety. Making sure all persons are protected is always first priority, then there’s…

CNC Engraving Wood Slabs

CNC Engraved Wood Slabs CNC engraved wood slabs is a tedious and time consuming task but the effort has incredible results. Materials will vary depending upon location but for this article we will be talking about pine slabs. I will discuss with you the uses of wooden slabs, troubleshooting problems, what to engrave, prepping and finally preserving your slab. The equipment used is a Camaster Stinger 2 SR-34 cnc router that we manipulate for the purpose of engraving these large slabs. Also milling in a confined space makes things interesting since our shop is so small. I welcome you to take this journey with us to explore your own possibilities of CNC engraving wood slabs. Wooden Slabs Uses Wooden slabs regardless of which material you choose have a multitude of uses. From kitchen tables, bar tops, furniture and home furnishings, your only limited by your imagination. For this particular blog I…