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CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project

Out with old and in with the new CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project is our topic today. What are we doing in 2018 ? What will separate this year from the last you might ask ? Well for 2018 our shop is looking at undertaking one larger than usual project. We’re combining our knowledge of fabrication with a builder I’ve known for years. The project will cover multiple areas of fabrication from layout and design to physical construction. I so look forward to sharing this project with you all. CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project is a modular portable structure. This structure is going to cover 3 functions. It will be used as a camper, an ice fishing shelter and a portable hunting shack. The materials used are everything from reclaimed to purchased. What we can’t find we’ll fabricate. Let’s look at how each of these uses are possible with our…

CNC Project Cost Estimation

What Do I Charge ? When I started out, cnc project cost estimation left me scratching my head. I read article after article on the subject. I did the research to see what other shops were charging. Higher profile cnc shops charged very high for their niche market. Machines were larger than mine and I wanted nothing to do with what they were fabricating. I don’t do any metal work, that narrowed down my market place. I started my hourly rate too high. This equated to plenty of estimates but no work. I didn’t research enough for my region and the niche market I was working on at that time. Sound familiar ? I reduced my hourly rate 20% and things got a little better. What was I missing ? What was I still doing wrong? Simple, my Shop was still charging too much. I researched more and looked even harder. I found…