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Raw Material Foraging Practices

What are raw materials ? Raw Material Foraging Practices is the topic today. So just what raw materials are we talking about ? Don’t we just go to the lumber yard to purchase our stock ? Why go through all the headache of foraging raw materials in the first place. What do foraged raw materials offer that other materials do not ? These are questions I asked when looking deeper into my own shops products lines. Let’s look deeper into this topic shall we. Raw Material Foraging Practices Raw Material Foraging Practices are simple and when done correctly the rewards are astounding.I won’t fail to mention that I only forage from downed trees,never good healthy trees. Any woodworker can purchase materials that have been milled,planed and dried. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of working with non symmetrical materials. Live edge slabs, tree limbs and branches all make great building materials.…