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Biomass briquette using scrap material

 Biomass Briquettes from scrap material The Little Little Woodshop reduced its carbon footprint by making a biomass briquette using scrap material. I have an abundance of saw dust from the shops dust collection system to wood shavings from my planer. If I just bagged these up, took them to the dump then I’m contributing to the problem, not a solution. This was unacceptable since my shop wants to make a difference environmentally. Perusing the information super highway gave me the knowledge needed to correct this problem. I will share with you my resolve to this issue, the steps I took and how to make the finished product. Biomass Briquette Recipe The recipe calls for just three ingredients to make a biomass briquette. Wood shavings or sawdust, newspaper and water. Old newspaper, junk mail and other publications make their way to my office shredder. I collect, bag and store this until…

Recycling Scrap Shop material

Recycling Scrap Shop material Recycling scrap shop material in  The Little Little Woodshop  is always a priority. Scrap materials are used for heat. The significant amounts of sawdust from the dust collection system are utilized. If our little shop sends this scrap to a dump site we add to the problem, not the solution. With winters in the north being frigid I utilize a small wood burning stove in my shop. I needed a small wood stove that had a reasonable burn time. I didn’t want a stove that would burn all night though. Not leaving an unattended appliance in my shop was a large deciding factor. After countless hours of research I came up with the Jotul F 602 CB wood stove. The Jotul F 602  CB specifications are below . Size : The Jotul  F 602 CB measures (HxWxD): 25.25 x 12.625 x 21.25 in Heating Capacity : Jotuls little stove puts out a…