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Foraging Spalted Hardwood part 2

Foraging Spalted Hardwoods I discussed in the first part of Foraging Spalted Hardwoods the what, where and why. The what we use it for , where to go get it, as well as why even go forage for it. This is one of a kind material that creates spectacular pieces for The Little Little Woodshop. I talked about inquiring where logging companies have been, to storm damaged areas. Calling to inquire with a local Forestry office about your interest. Ask about any permits, property land owner permissions and as always be polite. These steps will likely get you what you want with little to any problems. I discussed with you the tools and equipment you will need. The items that are handy to have and the practices that should be implemented. Never disturb an animal’s home, there’s trees everywhere so just move on to the next. Always practice safety no matter where…

CNC Engraving Spalted Wood

Engraving Spalted Wood How is cnc engraving spalted wood done on a router. In this article I will discuss some of my trial and errors working with this material. I’ve found through research for my region there are ways that work better then others. Below is what I will be discussing. What is spalted wood ? The process in which wood has turned color because of fungus. How does wood spalting happen ?   When certain fungal strains start to break down inside certain species of wood. Where do I get spalted material ? Spalted material can be found in a number of ways , either by foraging, spalting it yourself or purchasing it . What are good conditions for spalting ? Temperatures that are between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit with a moisture level/content from 30% or better. Days that are hot, muggy and unpleasant with high humidity in my…