Valentines Day

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Valentines Day CNC Router Project

Valentines Day Valentines Day CNC Router Project is our topic today. What is Valentines day? When did this celebration first start ? Each year on Feb.14th we celebrate this day with gifts and goodies for that someone special. This being one of the largest spending holidays. Average spending per person is over $100 dollars with a 2014 revenue of 13 billion dollars. This is no small amount for any holiday. Valentines Day also know as Saint Valentines Day dates back to the 3rd century. The holiday’s named for the Saint Valentine. He was know to have gone against the Roman emperor by defying his orders. Saint Valentine would marry the roman soldiers in secrecy. The emperor wanted all his mighty soldiers unwed so he banned marriage. Saint Valentine defied his leader and was condemned to die. Valentines Day CNC Router Project Our Valentines Day CNC Router Project is simple but quaint.…