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CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene

Wildlife Scene Ideas CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene is our topic today. What wildlife scene will best suit me ? Where do I find the imagery ? Do I have the necessary skill set to build a large wildlife scene ? No worries, we’re going to cover it all and more. I’ll take you all step-by-step through the design and layout to putting it all together. CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene For our CNC Kitchen Table Wildlife Scene I’m using animal species that are in my local area. Moose, Bear and whitetail deer are the large game species. The smaller game animals are fox,raccoon, rabbit, beaver,porcupine, and so on. There’s as many ideas as there’s animals, you just need to decide what’s right for you. Sounds easy doesn’t it ? With so much shared today I also try to give back whenever possible. The Little Little Woodshop has created an all…