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CNC Engraving Wood Slabs

CNC Engraved Wood Slabs CNC engraved wood slabs is a tedious and time consuming task but the effort has incredible results. Materials will vary depending upon location but for this article we will be talking about pine slabs. I will discuss with you the uses of wooden slabs, troubleshooting problems, what to engrave, prepping and finally preserving your slab. The equipment used is a Camaster Stinger 2 SR-34 cnc router that we manipulate for the purpose of engraving these large slabs. Also milling in a confined space makes things interesting since our shop is so small. I welcome you to take this journey with us to explore your own possibilities of CNC engraving wood slabs. Wooden Slabs Uses Wooden slabs regardless of which material you choose have a multitude of uses. From kitchen tables, bar tops, furniture and home furnishings, your only limited by your imagination. For this particular blog I…