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CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project

Out with old and in with the new CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project is our topic today. What are we doing in 2018 ? What will separate this year from the last you might ask ? Well for 2018 our shop is looking at undertaking one larger than usual project. We’re combining our knowledge of fabrication with a builder I’ve known for years. The project will cover multiple areas of fabrication from layout and design to physical construction. I so look forward to sharing this project with you all. CNC Woodshop 2018 Shop Project is a modular portable structure. This structure is going to cover 3 functions. It will be used as a camper, an ice fishing shelter and a portable hunting shack. The materials used are everything from reclaimed to purchased. What we can’t find we’ll fabricate. Let’s look at how each of these uses are possible with our…