Valentines Day CNC Router Project

Valentines Day

Valentines Day CNC Router Project is our topic today. What is Valentines day? When did this celebration first start ? Each year on Feb.14th we celebrate this day with gifts and goodies for that someone special. This being one of the largest spending holidays. Average spending per person is over $100 dollars with a 2014 revenue of 13 billion dollars. This is no small amount for any holiday.

Valentines Day also know as Saint Valentines Day dates back to the 3rd century. The holiday’s named for the Saint Valentine. He was know to have gone against the Roman emperor by defying his orders. Saint Valentine would marry the roman soldiers in secrecy. The emperor wanted all his mighty soldiers unwed so he banned marriage. Saint Valentine defied his leader and was condemned to die.

Valentines Day CNC Router Project

Our Valentines Day CNC Router Project is simple but quaint. It’s a small heart shaped keepsake. Be it a ring or necklace this small keepsake box is sure to please. Materials are for you to choose but our shop will utilize hardwoods. The base will be a light maple and our lid made from mahogany. There will be no hardware. this is a simple heart shaped box with a lid. The project is resize-able if you choose.


Want to add a special touch ? Put in a saying or that special someones name. Add some flocking to the boxes interior for a beautiful effect. Flocking is easy to apply with a flocking gun. The material is available in multiple colors. Flocking is crushed velvet that’s applied with a handheld device. Want to get elaborate ? Put a beautiful inlay into your lid.

Programming and Tooling

The Valentines Day CNC Router Project requires a basic program and minimal tooling. For this project I’ll be using a v-bit and an end mill. A decorative edge around the lid is all that I need. A small saying on the lid as an expression of my affection for my significant other. Now I have a one of a kind gift that can’t be purchased from chain retail stores.

Sanding & Finishing

Once we run our base and lid we need to sand and finish it. I’ll knock the bulk of my sanding down with 80 grit sand paper. This is hardwood so it’s where I’ll start. Then I will move over to 120 grit and finalize it with 220 grit to remove sanding marks. The project is small, the sanding goes quickly.

For our Valentines Day CNC Router Project I’ll use a hand rubbed finish. I’m using Watco Danish rub on oil. I’ve had great success with this product and would recommend it for a protect like this one. Apply it with a lint free rag and follow the manufactures recommendations. It doesn’t get any easier then this. Simple steps for a simple project that’ sure to please.


Do you want to make your someone special this Valentines day ? Don’t want to fight the crowds at the retail stores ? Why not create that one of a kind gift that you fabricated. Nothing compares to something you created. Personalize it, paint, stain or keep it natural, it’s sure to please. Please feel free to download the project folder here and happy milling.

Thank You for taking the time to read.

~An Engraver In The Woods


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