Vcarve Pro CNC Mailbox Tutorial

United States Postal Service History

Vcarve Pro CNC Mailbox Tutorial is our topic today. Lets take and discuss the history of our U.S. Postal Service History. The US mail history goes back to 1775 to the Second Continental Congress. At this time Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General. A Post Office department was established in 1792 by Franklin himself. Later this office is raised to a cabinet level department in 1872. Then in 1971 our postal service became the USPS, an agency of the US Government.

Vcarve Pro CNC Mailbox Tutorial

In Vcarve Pro CNC Mailbox Tutorial I’ll show you the steps necessary to fabricate your own mailbox. Materials are what’s already on hand but a cut list and instructions are provided here. The design isn’t our shop’s but it’s the one chosen for this example. Pine is the mailboxes material and composite for the roof.

An engraving is placed in the front of the mailbox door. The design will signify or represent the family’s name (Crest), favorite activity (sports, game or hobby) or lifestyle. For this I’ll use my dog breed. I’ve owned Basset Hounds for over 25 years and this logo is the what I’ll use.This will separate my mailbox from everyone else’s on my street. Here’s a link to the project files.


milk-canThere’s no limitations on what materials you can use to fabricate your mailbox. Wood. plastics, composites and metal all make great mailbox material. What you choose will best fit your situation and where you live. My situation requires good sealers or the severity of the seasonal changes will ravage my design.


Build the mailbox to your specifications. Do you send any small packages from home ? Perhaps a small business where many parcels come in during the week ? Re-design your mailbox to better suit your needs. Our shop ships enough small and medium flat rate packages to justify a larger than normal mailbox. Determine what you need and design the dimensions from there.

Painting & Sealing

The mailboxes constructed. Paint or seal to protect it from the elements. Not sure what to use to protect your new project ? Consult a painting contractor or retail paint shop for your exact needs. Your climate will determine the procedures necessary to keep it lasting for years to come.

I’ll keep my mailbox project simple. The materials sealed first with sanding sealer. Acrylic enamel airbrush paints used for the engraving. A spar varnish is my sealer of choice. It allows the sealer to expand and contract with the changing of the seasons for my location.

Laws & Requirements

The Post Office has laws and requirements. This is before the placement of your mailbox. The distance from the curb, the height, a street or apartment number, door slot size are all on the USPS website. Living in a home with a housing authority? Check laws to make sure you can hang your new design.


Be it you want to replace an old mailbox or add a new product line, this is an easy undertaking. Adding another niche financial stream to your inventory. Personalize, paint or stain, stencil and decorate, the choice is yours. Include kids in the decorating and painting, it instills the value of working with your hands in them. When I fabricate and share my projects I hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

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